Our Support


IT Support

Keeping your office running with regular visits to ensure minimal failures and headaches.


Data Support

Secure off-site data backups to have each computer ready to be restored at a moments notice.


Remote Support

Responsive support via remote access so the small challenges are solved quickly.


Security Support

Securing your computers, data and servers from theft and corruption before attacks happen.


Plan for the inevitable

Regular maintenance will not only minimise the possibilities of system failure, it will put process in place to recover from them with minimal lose.At GoGood I.T Support we use our vast experience to give you maximum up-time.

Who we are

Experienced in support, recovery and maintenance for small and medium business that need to keep their systems running.

  • With the introduction of cloud computing, work processes are simplified and streamlined for greater productivity, security and failsafe’s.

  • Plans to suit all size of business and budget. Everything from one hour a month remote support to daily full system maintenance for backups and security checks.

  • Networks that respond by the second for users in different offices, towns or even countries so no one is ever behind.

  • Jason Smith

    Willowtree Home Solutions

    Knowing we have GoGood IT Support at the end of the phone when we need them is such a relief. Everything just works.

  • Peter Quinn

    McGarry Construction

    Since we started our plan with GoGood IT Support, we know that backups are regullary made. We always said we would backup, and learned the hard way that we never got around to it.

  • Theresa Lyons

    Senacre Housing Co-Op

    As we are such a small company, it just wasn't economically viable to have an I.T department. Have GoGood visit a few hours month and be on hand for ad-hoc support allows us to work rather than Google computer issues.

Our Maintainence


IT Management

Monthly IT support plans ranging from a few hours a month to 24/7 monitoring.

Ad-hoc Support

Fast and responsive pay-as-you-go IT Support charged buy the hour, half day or full day.

Remote Support

Instant and convenient access to carry out repairs without disrupting your office.


Cloud and local servers installed and maintained for data sharing and back-ups.

Telephone Systems

Multiple line VOIP telephone systems installed and maintained.

Email Support

Email addresses supplied, setup and maintained to keep productivity at a maximum.

Satisfied clients

Days a week

backed up files

computers maintained

News & Info

Computer Security / 16 May, 2017

Computer Security 101

As major corporations and organisations around the world are still trying to recover from the recent computer security breach that brought hospitals, rail lines and postal services to a standstill, we need learn how to protect ourselves in ways the NHS, FedEx and the German rail companies could not.

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